"I enjoy playing with materials and have a knack of looking them in the most unconventional way with an ability to mould it into a product. I like to bridge art and design & my approach to design is minimal, interactive and organic conveying originality through an added element of fun. Trends spotting, mind mapping and research are the backbone of my designs."

"I have worked previously with companies like Reddifusion, DYR and Ogilvy and had come to NID to extend my abilities both in terms of soft skills and materials, which I believe is the essence of all the designs as it delivers the first real "touch”. Being from an arts background, I like to stress on details which make the design interesting not only physically but also relates it to the user emotionally."

Web Design, Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Branding & Identity, Product Design.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, Adobe In Design, Corel Draw, Rhino.


Spark Typography

Spark- Typography

A print campaign for new Spark “Small but Strong”

Sagas CNG


An ambient to raise awareness to “Use CNG”

Spark Miniature

Spark Miniature

A print campaign for new Spark “Small but Luxurious”

Red & white

Red & White

Poster for Red&White cigarette win a bike scheme.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Stationery Design for self.

Font Design

Font Design

A set of Fonts were designed, inspired from Horns.


Bee 4 You


Jewellery designed for diabetics in medical emergency.


Stop Screw

Wine bottle opener cum Stopper, a 2 in 1 product inspired by a TOP.



A multi-utility container, in spired by Japanese sumo wrestler.

Goodie Bird

Goodie Bird

Leather bowls/containers were hand-crafted in famous zari work of Kutch.

Speaking Tree

Seating Tree

A seating cum rug made using coiling technique, to give experience of seating under a tree.

Strip It

Strip It

A high fashion Clutch bag made using unconventional material like file strips.